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Motion To Mind™ is based in London but I operate throughout the UK.  For the past five years I’ve worked closely with employees dealing with stress and fatigue in the advertising and media industry.  Furthermore I’m passionate about veterans health and wellbeing.  Having served in the British Army for 24 years I understand the stressors that can have an impact on former military personnel.  I can travel throughout the UK/worldwide subject to client requirements.  Much of my work is based on my Motion To Mind 4M Framework ™, launched on 14 November 2017; I believe that it is a blueprint for a healthy and happy life.


Motion To Mind 4M Framework™


One to One Coaching:

  • Unique personal training specifically designed to help you build resilience and improve your mental health.  We’ll work closely together to find the physical activities that you’ll enjoy and ways of incorporating them into your daily routine.  This works particularly well for individuals suffering from anxiety or depression.
  • Stress management, I’ll conduct an initial assessment with you in order to identify the root causes of your stress, thereafter we’ll look at long-term sustainable solutions that will help you to build resilience and coping mechanisms.  This is also useful for those suffering from anxiety or depression.
  • Performance Coaching, If you’re struggling to find your way in life, need to identify your goals I’ve got a number of tools to help you.  If you’re lacking in confidence or self-esteem we can rebuild it.  I’ll help you to build your mental strength
  • Health checks, I like to use a variety of tools to focus on your ability to deal with stress or to establish a baseline.  As a qualified Heartmath coach I can examine your heart coherence using the emWave® Pro and I’ll show you how to use the Inner Balance®.  We can also look at blood pressure, blood sugar, fat ratios, hips to waist measurements. 
  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Service, as a certified Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Service Provider I can offer you a unique 72 hour monitoring service (see brochure link below).  This is a cutting edge service offering you a remarkable window into your physiology, how you react to stress, when/if you recover effectively and how best to modify your lifestyle for optimum performance and stress reduction.  A highly recommended service for those in high pressure roles or for anyone struggling with stress and other mental health issues.  It’s also suitable for athletes wishing to fully understand the effectiveness of their training routine.
  • Fitness testing, Again I think it’s incredibly important to establish a baseline otherwise how do you know when your fitness is improving or getting worse?  Health checks and fitness testing is a great way to set goals too.
  • Mini-Adventures, We work together to come up with a program of challenging but fun and rewarding outdoor breaks, from one day, a weekend to a week. I’m experienced in designing programs that will uplift, refresh and reinvigorate.  From coaststeering (jumping off ledges into the sea) to gentle hikes in the hills.  A great way for senior executives to re-calibrate or for anyone feeling in need of a real break.  Mini-adventures can be arranged both in the UK and overseas.



Corporate / Team Coaching:

  • Resilience and mental strength workshops
  • Stress management talks and workshops
  • Team health checks and fitness testing
  • Team building physical training sessions
  • Bespoke adventure training/retreat packages to build resilience, team cohesion and performance.
  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Service for teams, at-risk individuals including senior leaders.
  • StreetGym® for corporate wellbeing programs



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