Motion to Mind™

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, I’m John Watson Allison, founder of Motion to Mind™ and unique brand of urban training, StreetGym®.  I served for 24 years as a regular soldier with the British Army in various high threat and high pressure environments.  I went on to serve for a further two years as a reservist.  My specialism was Explosive Ordnance Disposal (bomb disposal), counter-terrorist search and weapons intelligence.  I’ve written extensively on the subject of the IED and innovation.  Having retired from the military I’m now a coach (although I prefer the term guide), public speaker, author and podcaster.  My speciality is helping you to find solutions to challenging issues, helping you or your employees to take action, find mental strength, bolster mental/physical fitness and move forward in life.  I hold Enhanced DBS for working with children and adults and am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). 

For several years I’ve provided a range of presentations and workshops in a corporate setting and I’m equally at home mentoring and guiding individuals or groups in an indoor or outdoor setting. 

For me, Motion isn’t just about physical movement, it’s about moving forward in life, facing fear, building momentum and overcoming obstacles. Much of my work is underpinned by a strong belief that if we’re to truly help people we need to help them to empower themselves.  I use the medium of outdoor adventure training, coaching, retreats, workshops and employee presentations to deliver my message and to help others.  

On a client retreat in the Brecon Beacons – You could experience this too.  It’s invigorating, a re-set, breathing space for mind and body.  

A Motion to Mind™, micro-adventure in the hills.  I run micro-adventures (from one hour to one day) for clients in a rural and urban (StreetGym®) setting.  These are designed to promote deeper connection, build self-efficacy, self-confidence and resilience.  

Throughout the website you’ll see how Motion To Mind™ operates and how we can work together, either on a one to one or team basis.  For many years I’ve been passionate about empowering and not enslaving people.  That means providing you and your team with high quality education and training.

I’ve got real world experience from dealing with loss, a 26 year military career, transition and several years as a wellness professional, including five years as a company health and wellbeing manager.

So, if you’re looking for something a little different or services from the list below…..

  • Presentations and workshops
  • One to one employee or private coaching
  • Urban or rural micro-adventures (one hour to one day)
  • Retreats/adventure training
  • Public/after dinner speaking
  • StreetGym® Urban Adventure

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information, a free strategy call, if you’re interested in working with me or simply to say hello:

07388 813976 or via email: 

John Watson Allison MSc MA FRGS



A typical StreetGym® Urban Adventure.  Want to try it?  Perhaps you’d like to organise a one hour StreetGym® session for your wellbeing event or similar?