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John Allison MSc MA FRGS

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, I’m John Allison founder of Motion to Mind™.  I served for 24 years with the British Army in various high threat and high pressure environments.  My specialism was Explosive Ordnance Disposal (bomb disposal), counter-terrorist search and weapons intelligence.  I’ve written extensively on the subject of the IED and innovation.  Now I work with teams and individuals, providing training relating to self-regulation, energy conservation, resilience and more.  I’m a licensed HeartMath® coach and FirstBeat Lifestyle Assessment Service provider.  Heartmath® is a system of simple but powerful techniques, tools and biofeedback technologies that will empower you to create more flow and less stress.  You’ll get real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state using Heartmath® tools. 



All too often people talk about resilience but rarely measure it.  There is an old saying, “we can’t manage what we don’t measure”.  I believe in providing clients with hard facts and evidence; it can be a powerful tool for behaviour change.  As a qualified Firstbeat® coach I provide a three day Heart Rate Variability (HRV) monitoring program.  Clients wear a state of the art HRV recorder.  Data downloaded from the device highlights what affects wellbeing and performance during work, leisure and sleep.  It’s a valuable tool to prevent burnout and optimise performance, especially for at-risk individuals and teams. 



Whether I’m working with private or corporate clients, my aim is the same, to help improve levels of mental and physical health using a variety of innovative means.  I take a no-nonsense and holistic approach based on my own life experience, client work and the latest advances in wellness science.  

Whether for yourself or for your employees, perhaps you’re looking to:

  • Take control of emotions and physiology for optimal performance
  • Improve physical and mental fitness in order to deal with and recover from adversity
  • Protect confidence and self-esteem  
  • Try an alternative approach for improving health and happiness
  • Conserve energy and tackle fatigue for enhanced performance 

Throughout the website you’ll see how Motion To Mind™ operates and how we can work together, either on a one to one or team basis.  For many years I’ve been passionate about empowering and not enslaving people.  That means providing you and your team with high quality education and training.

I’ve got real world experience from dealing with loss, a 24 year military career, transition and several years as a wellness professional. 

As the name Motion To Mind™ would suggest, I firmly believe in the power of motion or physical activity, particularly in nature, to influence the mind and address the modern day scourge that is stress.  Movement is medication! I take a lot of my clients out into nature, camping, shelter building, using ecotherapy and exercising too.  We’re now seeing a growing body of evidence emerging about the importance of physical activity for our mental health, so I like to get people moving.  My grandfather used to say:

“If you’re ever feeling down, go and do something physical”

But it’s about much more than that.  Energy in motion = e-motion, comes from the latin emotere.  Work with me and you’ll learn about what I term internal motion, breath work and muscle tension too.  You see optimal performance starts from within…. 

Motion to Mind™ – recent media:

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Looking forward to working with you.


John Allison MSc MA FRGS, Founder – Motion To Mind™

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