• Stress Injury Prevention Training™ (SIPT™) I offer a unique, modular, holistic program for employers and employees called Stress Injury Prevention Training™.  The main aim of SIPT™ is to keep people well using a Left of Burnout™, preventative approach (you can find out more on the Motion to Mind™ Youtube channel).  SIPT™ will also benefit those in mental distress.  If Mental Health First Aid is your primary approach you are being reactive, waiting for someone to present with an injury….Why not be proactive and help people stay well?  Stress Injury Prevention Training™ is designed to help people for life, wellbeing doesn’t start and finish 9 to 5pm.  

I use elements of the ESDEP™ system and 4M Framework™ to deliver SIPT™, you can check it out below.  This is not a mindfulness program, it’s a full spectrum, Stress Injury Prevention Training™ package for you and your people. 


4M Framework™

Motion To Mind 4M Framework™

  • Coaching, I use Zoom or Microsoft Teams and provide one to one, confidential coaching for your employees.  We help employees to develop action plans to tackle stressors in life and work with them to resolve issues that may affect their mental/physical wellbeing and performance.  This is very much about prevention and preventing stress related ill-health.
  • Health checks for employees, a great way to promote or initiate a new wellbeing program and also tells employees that you’re serious about their health.  Includes blood pressure testing and fat ratios using clinically validated equipment.  We also offer advanced diagnostic testing and equipment specifically looking at other aspects of stress related ill-health. Prevention is always better than cure. 
  • Experiential Learning, We work together to come up with a program of challenging but fun and rewarding outdoor adventures, from one hour (go checkout the StreetGym® website and below), one day, a weekend to a week. I’m experienced in designing programs that will uplift, refresh and reinvigorate.  From coaststeering (jumping off ledges into the sea), sponsored abseils to gentle hikes in the hills.  A great way to re-calibrate or for anyone feeling in need of a real break.  Adventure Training can be arranged both in the UK and overseas.

  •  Training and Education.  We can provide a range of hard-hitting, factual and no-nonsense educational presentations within your organisation.  Topics range from military training for high pressure/high threat deployments and lessons for life, building and maintaining resilience, the 4M Framework™ for health and happiness, reducing the stigma surrounding mental health (particularly in relation to men), optimising performance and energy conservation.

Law Society Resilience

  • StreetGym® is a unique urban adventure and it starts outside your office door! It’s time efficient, a whole body workout and is specifically designed to exercise mind and body.  Furthermore it is designed to promote teamwork, camaraderie, develop confidence and encourage mutual support.  Sessions typically last one hour.  It’s also a great way to explore the urban environment around you. Click on the image below and scroll through the pdf to find out more. 

StreetGym Urban Adventure


“On the back of a Motion to Mind Lunch and Learn, we have booked John to run two StreetGym sessions and hope to continue these.  Such an incredible way to build on teamwork, grit and determination amongst employees, all the while taking in the local area and having a blast.”

Sian Beazley – Spark44

“John delivered an inspirational Lunch and Learn session at Spark44.  He researched the business before the day and touched on all the right notes.  He certainly made an impact and got us thinking about our stress levels, giving tricks and tips to combat this.  I would thoroughly recommend Motion to Mind”

Sian Beazley – Spark44  

“John delivered an inspiring talk for us at VCCP during Mental Health Awareness Week.  The talk on resilience and stress management had a real impact on a lot of our employees.  All the feedback was very positive.  I would thoroughly recommend John and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”

Natalie Paine – VCCP

“John spoke at a forum earlier this year on resilience and wellbeing for junior lawyers.  John’s session was informative, guiding delegates on how to combat stress and negativity which delegates found extremely informative.  Aside from the content, which was great, I found John to be a confident speaker who was able to engage over 100 delegates throughout the session.  I would certainly not hesitate in asking John to speak at future forums/conferences. Thank you.”

Amy Clowrey – Junior Lawyers Division 

“John came in to speak to Kinetic about Resilience with Motion to Mind™ on World Mental Health Day. His pragmatic approach was really accessible to all staff members and many of our staff commented on how they found his honest and practical advise really useful and reaffirming. His techniques are really easy to adopt and the advice he gave on apps which are useful in terms of stress relief and mindfulness were downloaded by many of our staff almost immediately. I would highly recommend John as a speaker.”

Allie Garside – Kinetic Worldwide

“John delivered a lunch & learn session on wellbeing for employees at MC&C. He delivered a no-nonsense, holistic approach to self-care and provided an immense wealth of practical tools for dealing with stress. Feedback from the session was positive; attendees were inspired by John’s story, his approach to mental health, his empathy & his practical advice. The vast range of tools also resonated differently with each participant, meaning there was something for everyone. I would thoroughly recommend John for his approach to mental health, wellbeing & managing stress.” 

Priya Datta – MC&C Media

“John facilitated a lunch and learn session to our employees in resilience and was absolutely fantastic in providing great tools and techniques to manage wellbeing. I loved his unconventional approach to managing mental health challenges.”

Gladys Mhone – Wandle Housing Association 

“John came in to TMS as part of Mental Health Awareness Week and gave a presentation to our agency about well-being and coping with stress. His approach is incredibly engaging, relevant and the feedback we got from the rest of agency was overwhelmingly positive – couldn’t recommend John and his approach enough!” 

Camilla White – The Marketing Store

“John has been a great addition to our office spirits, wellbeing and fitness levels! He is a great fit with our BEAR values, a real cub himself. He is brave, entrepreneurial, ambitious and real. Everyone in the office looks forward to the hour John leads us around Bankside through creative exercises and motivational tips. John is always full of energy and lifts our spirts high, making sure no one is left behind- he truly embraces team work. I would highly recommend John to anyone, as he is very adaptable and always a joy to have around the office!” 

Julia Mac Meekin – Urban Fruits

“John’s approach to mental and physical wellbeing is unique, due perhaps to many years spent serving in the British Army. His methods are drawn from first-hand experience which, for me, makes him more relatable than textbook-leaning, academic coaches and therapists. My sessions with John have reaped tangible rewards at home and work. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for solid, practical advice and, in particular, to those taking cautious steps towards opening up about mental health.”

Steve Dunn – Wunderman

“John has been providing wellness consultation to our employees for over a year now. He provides a range of services from 1-1 resilience sessions, mini health checks and physical activity. He is extremely professional, has a wealth of knowledge about how to improve physical and emotional wellbeing and we have received lots of positive feedback from our employees about the difference he has made to them. I’d highly recommend John as he is also a pleasure to work with!”

Colleen Lutz – Wunderman

Don’t hesitate to contact me today, I’m looking forward to working with you.


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